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Vieques Guide

Jun 25th
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Vieques offers  a plethora of fun, interesting and unique things to do for families as well as for adventurers on a nature quest.

From sightseeing and beach or ocean activities, to hiking in the island's tropical rainforest and watching exotic birds in their natural habitat, visitors have many options to choose from while on vacation on Vieques. Wild horses can be seen along the roads from time to time, so please remember to keep an eye out for them and drive at less than 35 mph, especially at night.

Bioluminescent Bay

A favorite is a visit to Vieque's world-famous Bioluminescent Bay -- a nighttime excursion on kayak or tour boat in the mysterious dark of night. To see the effect properly requires darkness -- and it is eerily spectacular! The motion of a kayak paddle, boat engine propeller, or the stroke of a hand or arm through the bay's warm waters disturbs tens of thousands of dinoflagellates which emit a beautiful blue-green light in the path of motion.

The effect is not as noticeable during a full-moon, so choose your evening with that in mind. If you are kayaking, getting into the water and flapping your arms will create the wings of an angel around you.

Swimming, Snorkeling

Vieques has many excellent beaches suitable for families with young children or teenagers.  Media Luna (Halfmoon Bay) is a favorite for families because of it's calm, shielded beach -- perfect for swimming or wading.

Navio beach is popular with both the surfing and expatriate American crowd. The waves can get quite rough when the surf is up, so keep your eye on the sea and use the buddy-system to stay safe.

The sheer scale of Sun Bay is impressive. This seemingly endless crescent of white sand offers the bather almost limitless options for sunbathing, beach combing or a family picnic or barbecue. It can take almost an hour to walk from one end of the bay to the other. Wild horses roam the park.

The ocean on the Northern coastline tends to be rougher than the Southern Caribbean Sea. The swells and wind of the Atlantic being responsible for the rougher conditions. But on calm days, snorkeling can be a fun way to explore the many reefs along the coastline.

Deep Sea and Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is very popular on Vieques island and the fish are good fighters. There are a number of excellent companies through whom you may charter a fishing boat for deep sea fishing.

We'll be providing links to various companies who provide the services mentioned above in the coming months. Please check back.

  • Vieques Guide

    Vieques Guide Home Page Just Getting Started

    What you see here at this new site is just a hint of what is yet to come. We'll be adding more info to inspire your trip every day.

  • Sun Bay

    Sun BayBeautiful Beaches
    and Wild Horses

    Visit Sun Bay, a giant crescent in an endless arc of of white sand, where wild horses roam.

  • Vacation Villas

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    Some of the most beautiful and romantic hideaways can be yours while visiting Vieques.

  • Bio Bay

    Bio Bay KayakVisit Bioluminescent Bay For an Unforgetable Experience

    This evening adventure is where you'll see this marvelous living-light of Nature.

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